Did Guy Fieri Call Our Mac Attack Burger "Gangster"?


Short Version: Yes, he did.  

The above video shows celebrity chef (and founder of BurgaBox) Paul Malvone and Guy Fieri in the kitchen cooking up the world famous Mac Attack Burger. 
[caution: do not watch on an empty stomach]

Want to see what all the hype is about with BurgaBox and especially our Mac Attack burga?

We'll make you a one time offer.  As we already have to send Justin into the warehouse to grab the shirt, print a shipping label, box it up, and send it off ... we can throw in a Mac Attack as well.

Ready for the offer?

We'll send you a "Gangster" Mac Attack BurgaBox and throw in a ton FREE stuff!!

These are our best sellers and we're basically giving them away!

What we'll ship you:
  • Larry Bird Legend T-shirt
  • 4ea Mac Attack burgers with all ingredients
  • Tray of 1lb of Garlic Parmesan fries
  • Tray of 1lb of Chili Fries
  • Tray of 2lb Famous Mac & Cheese
  • Tray of 2lb Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese
  • Side of 8oz famous homemade cole slaw
  • Side of 8oz Boston Baked Beans
  • The opportunity to try a BurgaBox for less money than anyone else on earth!


  All For Only $95.50  $65.00

Yes, I Accept This One Time Offer

I reject this offer
If you have an allergy, please inform us at and specify in your BurgaBox order. We have a variety of options for all different types of allergies and food intolerances and we're happy to discuss which ones will be best suited for you!


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