What is The BurgaBox™ of The Month Club?

The meal kit industry is exploding.  The main players now are all doing the same thing, shipping raw ingredients in insulated coolers to be cooked in your own kitchen.  Big idea, big venture funding behind most companies.  

After we saw one of these boxes we decided that it was our duty to put our burgers, mac & cheese, and specialty fries into a box and ship them out to our customers to cook in their own homes.  If you're in Boston, come on into one of The Boston Burger Company's locations.  If you're anywhere else, get a BurgaBox!

We have two ways to purchase.  First, you can make a one time purchase of our pre-made boxes, our 2,4,8 packs, or even build your own box.  This is great if you want to celebrate an event, have an epic meal, or send a gift that they'll never forget.

The other option is to join The BurgaBox™ monthly club.  Let me explain...

The Boston Burger Company is internationally known for our creative burgers.  We have 29 to be exact.  Not only do we have 29 creative specialty burgers but each one has a name.  The Hot Mess featured on the Rachael Ray Show, the Mac Attack on the Food Network's Diner's Drive Ins and Dives, the Kitchen sink, etc.  

For our monthly club, we will be coming up with an entirely NEW burger concept, a never before seen version of mac & cheese, and a brand spanking new specialty fries concept.  This is only available to our monthly subscribers.  

Nobody, except for the few involved in the creation of the meals, will know what's in this box until it hits your porch.  We believe that with technology and social media today, there aren't enough surprises out there which is why we won't tell anyone what's in the BurgaBox until it hits your porch.  This allows us all to be excited each month for the big unveiling.

So for a small sum of $59 you will get:

- Two brand new 8 oz. 80/20 burgers 
- Two sides of BBC slaw
- Two sides of BBC's famous baked beans
- One never before seen 32 oz. tray of mac & cheese
- One newly concocted 16 oz. tray of specialty loaded fries

The only way to enjoy this is to sign up for The BurgaBox of the month club.