We're Almost There

We’re almost there.  This week we made what I think is some progress in this Burgabox.com project.  As if trying to run 3 restaurants, a catering business, a retail salsa line and food truck wasn’t enough, we thought it was a good idea to try and ship our burgers all over the country.  We might not be the smartest bastards at the Boston Burger Company, but we know how to make awesome burgers and think everyone deserves to have them.  Whether you’re in Boston, or not. 


Half the battle is figuring out the right way to ship the ingredients.  It sounds easy...put food in box, add ice, ship.  Not really.  Figuring out a way to keep the stuff cold and prevent it from smashing around in the box is a huge challenge.  You need to have the right sized box, insulation to fit in the box, enough ice packs to keep it cold, and then you have to pack the box the right way.  On Wednesday of this week, after dealing with the usual chaos and bullshit in my average day, I got off my ass and packed a Burgabox.  The goal was to do a test box and ship it to our insulation vendor so he could test the temperature when it arrived.  At about 4:30 pm I packed everything someone would need to make 4 Hot Mess burgers at home.  I put in the ice packs, packed it nice and neat, and took it to FedEx.  The idea was to get the box down to Georgia in 48 hours with the food nice and cold and ready to cook.  For the next 2 days I kept my fingers crossed.  On Friday afternoon I got an email from the dude in Georgia.  We were good!  The box was cold, the Hot Mess ingredients were in good shape, and we’re one step closer to shipping the best burgers in Boston around the country.  Stayed tuned for the next chapter in the Burgabox fiasco.  If you want to be a pioneer and order one of the first Burgaboxes, click here to get deep discounts.  If you want to be even cooler and share this with a friend, click here and get some FREE goods.