Vegetarian Cooks Up BurgaBox for Husband-Date Night Results

August 9, 2017 (written by: Tara G. Medford, MA)

My husband is a great cook, therefore I never really have a chance to highlight my skills in the kitchen. I haven’t eaten meat since I was 13 (more than 20 years ago) so once I saw that BurgaBox now had a vegetarian burga option I thought, "what a great date night idea". I planned it out- I’d  surprise my husband and make him this great meal.  What could go wrong? In my head I’m thinking lots of things like: He’s super picky, I’m not sure all this “stuff” is going to work, I haven’t cooked a burger in years and he likes it medium rare-how will I do this, etc. I put my fears aside and roll with the order. I go with the Happy Hippie Veg Burga and for my husband I order the one with the most reviews of awesomeness-the W.T.F. Burga.


In our busy lives (two kids under five, both self-employed, dogs, life) date nights are a priority, but need to get scheduled out in advance. BurgaBox actually worked out great as I can choose the day at the end of week delivery to ensure my ingredients are fresh, and not wasted so they’d be perfect for our night.


I tell my husband of my plan. He’s very skeptical (I knew this was going to be the case so I was prepared with many reasons why me cooking him a burger was a good idea) I reassured him I’d follow the directions and he’d be more than happy with the results. Four days post online order-BOOM-my BurgaBox arrives. *I should also mention I am one of those people that adjusts pretty much every meal order to exactly the way I want it; so of course I wrote them a novel in the order comment section of “replace this”, “hold that”, “extra this” and my curiosity of knowing if they read my instructions right was eating at me.


My almost 4 year old was super happy to help me open this great big package, and thought the never ending ingredients were fun to line up in a row. When I say literally everything is spelled out for you-it really is. (Check out my pictures below for some of my steps)


I put the kids to bed and put on my #ChefHat. I start with the mac and cheese and fries (directions say they take the longest) so I fire up the oven and cook accordingly. Next, I lay out the sides/ this point I’m thinking to myself “this is a ridiculous amount of food” I mean we are only 2 people. I half everything and put it back in the fridge for 2 reasons: 1-if I really mess up round 1 I can try again, and then 2- we can have a whole other dinner in the next few nights.

 BurgaBox Mac & cheese

I set-up my pans for the onion ring, pulled pork, and mac and cheese burger toppings and get those warming. In the meantime I’m baking my veggie burger in the oven, I have the buns toasting in the toaster oven, I have the lettuce, cheese, and pickles ready and threw the sweet potato Happy Hippie topping fries on the same pan as the other fries so they cook simultaneously.


About 20 minutes in-so far so good. Nothing seems to be going awry AND my husband even peeks in and says-nothing’s burning yet, smells good. This is a positive sign. Seeing as this is date night the kids had made funfetti cupcakes for us for dessert (thanks grammy for the assist) and we have a bottle of red wine cracked in preparation of our meal.

I check to make sure everything's on it’s way to being done and NOW-burga making time. I follow the directions, the pan is sizzlin just right, The buns are toasted, and the onion ring is crisp and lastly I throw the cheese on to melt then put it all together. Delivery, Bite(s) and SUCCESS. To recap his words exactly “No way did you make this, it’s real food, it’s cooked perfect, the burger is the best I’ve had in a long time, and I don’t believe you can make this again.”


Challenge accepted. Thanks to all the leftovers we had I was able to repeat date night success (much to my surprise too) 2 nights in a row. Thanks, BurgaBox. Not only did you make our date night fun with the change up cooking option, you made a carnivore and vegetarian very happy with their meals, AND you made me look like a chef to my husband….which comes with priceless bragging rights. Totally ordering for date night again, and even considering this for our next dinner party BBQ.

If you have an allergy, please inform us at and specify in your BurgaBox order. We have a variety of options for all different types of allergies and food intolerances and we're happy to discuss which ones will be best suited for you!


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