Pair Tavour's Beers with your Next BurgaBox Burger

Burgers and beers? Now that's a healthy marriage we can get around. Although these two have been going strong for decades, many foodie enthusiasts are chomping down on their burgers while slugging back a light, unsatisfying beer. Whether you're using BurgaBox as your hump day indulgence or for an end of summer barbecue, we feel it's our responsibility to make sure you're pairing the right beers with your BurgaBox burger.

The first step is graduate from those watery, domestic beers that you've been drinking since college (you know what we're talking about) and move onto ones that'll actually make your food taste better. YES, beer actually has the ability to enhance an already, insanely delicious burger. 

We partnered with Tavour, a beer subscription company that allows you to pick the beers you ACTUALLY want over the course of a month, to teach us a thing or two about how to match up craft beer with a burger.

From the hops experts themselves, these are the beers you should be pairing with your next Vermonster Feast Kit.

1. A Saison - Originally brewed for Belgian farmers in the summer, Saisons bring a mixture of rustic Pale malts, fruity yeast, and spritzy carbonation that is not only refreshing, but a is an excellent foody pairing for umami-rich dishes like burgers.  The Vermonster is a devilish playground of sweet and salty depths, but the Saison can take it -- vigorous bubbles will cut through richness of the maple mayo, while spice and apricot notes from the yeast will enliven the apples and sharp cheddar. Often, Saisons are brewed with herbs and fruit peels; find such a brew, and see your palate double-downed with crispness, clearing your tongue for a fresh burger bite every time. Look for these tasty brands:
    • Funkwerks
    • Queen of Hearts
2. A Flanders Red Sour - Imagine a strawberry sauce reduction doused in a touch of balsamic and now you're picturing a Flanders Red Sour.  More robustly malty than most American Sours, the Flanders Red brings wine-like body to a beer with just enough vinegary bite to be a juicy palate cleanser.  And the Vermonster, a bastion of rich maple and apple, onion depth, and salty sharp cheddar, needs a sweet, acidic accent.  Take a hearty munch of the burger, then take a small sip of the Flanders Red -- your mouth instantly becomes a 5-star tasting experience with no flavor left behind. Our favorites from our Tavour crate were:
    • The Lost Abbey's Red Poppy
    • Siver City Brewery Red Ale
Already getting hungry AND a little thirsty for a this match made in heaven?
Take a bite for a sip with The Vermonster Box Feast Kit and $10 off your first $25 or more purchase from Tavour for craft beer you can't get anywhere else. Use code BURGABOX at check out!