It's Official - We're Shipping Mac & Cheese!

Wow!  The madmen behind the Boston Burger Company’s ridiculous menu are at it again.  We’ve been working our asses off trying to perfect the Burgabox so we can ship Boston’s best burgers across the country.  While we were brainstorming what burgers should be the first ones to be shipped for the Burgabox launch, a lightbulb went off! Mac & cheese!  

Shouldn’t people be able to get the world’s best mac & cheese delivered to their door?  It only seems right.  Americans have the right to eat pulled pork mac & cheese whenever they want.  There are really no other meal delivery kits protecting that right at the moment.  We decided to change that.  

We spent an entire day in the #bbcburgerlab coming up with mac & cheese recipes that are going to make history.  A sausage with peppers and onions outside of Fenway Park is like heaven. Why wouldn’t someone put sausages, peppers and onions inside a delicious pot of mac & cheese?  It only makes sense to us.  

Buffalo chicken, homemade blue cheese dressing and gooey mac & cheese? Done.  

Boston Burger Company’s famous honey BBQ wings and blue cheese dressing should also be combined with the best mac & cheese around.  

Don’t forget the chili.  We have people from England craving our awesome chili after they leave Boston and return home. (After a half dozen emails we ended up giving the chili recipe to our biggest British fan). The chili is going in the mac & cheese too.  

After a day of cooking, eating and arguing over what mac & cheese recipes should be included in the Burgabox launch, the menu was finished.  Tired, hot and fatter than we were when the day started, we went home happy that all of the people in the country would be that much closer to eating like a boss.  If you want to find out how you and a friend can get hooked up with some FREE mac & cheese, click here.