How to Maximize Instagram Likes with Your #BurgerPorn

Okay, We'll admit it. We're addicted to #foodporn and lucky for you, we're not stopping anytime soon. Come on, have you seen our Instagram lately? Let's just say it's #droolworthy.

Although our burgers are picture perfect, there's definitely a craft to snapping a photo that causes everyone to go crazy on social media. There are plenty of times that you'll have to think outside the box (or legitimately get inside one) to find the perfect shot. We have all of the secrets behind burgers and we're willing to dish. Use these 5 tips to make your next burgers pictures are Instagram worthy.



Find a Drool Worthy Model: If Gigi Hadid is not available to come over and pose in a few shots, any burger on our store should do! The key to making these monstrosities looking their best is stacking them HIGH and with a generous amount of ingredients. Pro tip: move the ingredients to the front of the burger to show of all of the ooey-gooey layers. The more ridiculous, the better.

    The Background: Have you ever seen an influencer reveal their Instagram vs real life shots? Foodies all over the world are resorting to extreme measures in order to find the ideal background setting. Despite what you may think, they aren't stumbling upon a perfectly white wall everywhere they go. We've seen serious Instragrammers go as far as using a white toilet seat to enhance the beauty their quinoa bowl... and honestly, it's working for them. As for us, we can't say that we aren't deceiving you a little bit. At first glance, the picture on the left looks as though we stumbled upon the perfect picnic table for our OktoberFEAST (our October BurgaBox from the BurgaBox of the Month Club) but that was DEFINITELY not the case. With some handy work, wooden panels, calking glue and a rectangular board, we were able to create a fitting background for this German feast in our warehouse. We also love to use our storage unit (see photo on the right) as a back drop for any of our single, straight on, burger pictures. 



    Lighting: Natural lighting is great but a sunny day can often times, be a little too bright. The perfect time to take a picture is called "The Golden Hour" which is a period shortly after sunrise or right before sunset that gives a soft, reddish glow. If waiting's not an option, find shade or light next to a window to give the burger a natural glow, just like a true cover girl. Easy, breezy. 

    Angle: Now that you've learn how to construct a fake floor and think outside (or sit inside) the box, the burger is ready for its close up. The key to capturing #BurgerPorn is to get all of the meaty, cheesy, gooey layers that make these burgers so delicious. We rarely take pictures of the burger from a birds eye view (unless on its side) or without both of its buns! The angle should be straight on and let the ridiculousness of the burger do that talking and welcome any drippings.

    Focus: Whether you're using a professional camera or snapping a quick picture with your iPhone, you must focus on the star of the show! If you have a DSLR camera, keep the aperture low to narrow the focus and blur out the background. With an iPhone, simply tap the area that you want to focus on and you will get the same affect!

    That's it! If you didn't know, now you know. Get ready to blow up Instagram one burger at a time! Be sure to tag us @burgabox in any #BurgerPorn that you've created.

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