How To Make a Green Monstah!

The Green Monstah is one of the most popular burgers at the Boston Burger Company.  People go nuts for our homemade guacamole and pico de gallo.  That being said, we decided to try and make a little video to show you how we would build a Green Monstah at home.  

This was the first time we shot a video like this so it was definitely a learning experience.  We started off in our catering kitchen, then realized that wouldn't work. How the hell do you set up the tripod on the big metal commercial stove?  You don't.   Then the light bulb went off!  All we need is an electric hot plate and a folding table.  We even got a little fancy and put some leftover vinyl flooring on the table to make it look like a  wooden background.  Anyway, we did it.  

Despite the fact that the hot plate blew fuses in the electric panel all day, the videos came out pretty good.  In case you were wondering, those are my hands in the video.  The camera man was The Next Gentleman, Anthony Mastracci (he did a great job) and my 8 year old kid, Charlie, was the dishwasher.  We have more videos coming so stay tuned.

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