Now We Know Why Everything is Bigger in Texas

Traveling isn't easy when you're visiting a new city and have a palate created by BurgaBox. Everyone is screaming "pick me" on Instagram and Yelp but it can be hard to tell which places are actually worth the stop. That's where we come in. Our weekly post, "24 Hours in the City" will help you filter out the phonies and conquer each city with a full stomach and a slight buzz. Because that's the only way we know how to travel. 
This week, I'm escaping the New England winter and heating up with a little southern comfort in the hip little city, Austin, Texas. From BBQ and live music to the best late night eats, I will cover all the necessary bases that will be sure to leave you feeling a little hung over and slightly larger. After you follow this guide to eating and drinking in Austin, you'll finally realize why everything (or everyone) is bigger in Texas.
Gourdough's Public House: Just when I thought I had experienced everything a doughnut had to offer, I found Gourdough's. The Sqealing Pig, a doughnut topped with cream cheese icing, bacon, strawberry, jalapeño jelly, and candied jalapeños...heavenly.  The Fat Elvis (Peanut Butter, grilled banana, crispy bacon, and honey) is a must try. In all honesty, you cannot go wrong, despite all weird sounds your stomach might make afterwards. It will all be worth it.
Biscuits + Groovy: Craving some southern comfort food? Biscuit + Groovy will do the trick! The biscuits with gravy and sausage a.k.a. the Biscuits + Groovy should be your first choice. If you've got a sweet tooth the Bee Gee will do your sugar cravings wonders. The biscuits are perfectly fluffy, golden and will essentially just melt in your mouth. And if you can't decided biscuits and doughnuts just opt for both. 
Franklin's Barbecue: If you've done any research about Austin, you probably know about Franklin's rep when it comes to BBQ. Franklin's opens from 11am-3pm but most likely all the goods will be sold out before the closing time. That's why, if you're really dedicated to trying this barbecue you must listen to the following advice: Get to Franklin's early. If you're carpooling, drop someone off to wait in line and pickup Gourdough's to bring back and past the time. The real trick is to eat those doughnuts and at the same time save enough room for a whole lot of meat. If you're totally against the whole line thing, you can pre-order a minimum of 5 lbs of meat to pick up. This will entail getting ALL of your friends together and possibly stealing a few people from the line. Either way, you are obligated to taste the brisket because it is VERY famous and possibly the most delicious meat you will ever taste. The pork ribs, sausage and the short rib are all tied for second in the must-try meats at Franklins so keep them at the top of your list. The moral of this BBQ story is plan ahead and make a lot of new, meat eating friends.
HopdoddyIf you think you can go to Austin, one of the best food scenes in the country, and escape the lines, you're wrong. Hopdoddy, a seriously popular burger chain restaurant, will mostly likely have a long line but you will be fed drinks while you're waiting. Very classy move. I always get a Beet Bloody Mary, but really, any drink will do. The talk of the town is that the Llano Poblano Burger is the best on the menu and that your feast will not be complete without a side of truffle fries. And I totally agree.
Midday Drinking: 
A BurgaBox city guide would not be complete without a little midday buzz. Start at Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden where you can choose from 100 beers on tap and snack on some of the most delicious sausages in Austin. Like most biergartens, the huge space is filled with large picnic benches so be friendly and share! There is outdoor and indoor seating with live music and cute dogs roaming around everywhere. If you didn't just do that math (beer + dogs + food + live music), the equation proves that Banger's has everything you need in life and more. When you're mood shifts to a more casual, laid back scene head to Craft Pride for some awesome Texan beer. If it was not obvious by the name, don't be the person to ask for a Bud Light. Just don't. Craft Pride doesn't just cater to beer lovers, if you're a gamer at heart, get here on a Monday night for some free play on the classic game consoles like N64.
Lambert'sLambert's ditched the picnic benches and paper napkins and created an upscale BBQ experience. The Brisket, the Pork Ribs, Smoked Sausage are the meat highlights of the menu. I also suggest that you supplement with the Stone Ground Green Chile Cheese Grits, potato salad and the very creamy mac & cheese. Still hungry? The 

Sour Cherry Fried Pie will bring your BBQ experience full circle and take your food coma to a place you never thought was possible.

Red Ash: If you've had your barbecue fill, carbo load on Italian food at Red Ash. First, get an order of the Garlic Bread for each person because you will not want to share yours with anyone else. And while you're at, do the same for the Bruchetta...that stuff is sacred. All of the pastas (I recommend the Apelletti) will be served perfectly al dente and the meatballs will always leave you wanting more. 
Nightlife: Fun fact: Austin is one of the best destinations to listen to live music in the world. And when I want to get dancy during my visit, I go to Mohawk Austin. Good news for all the shorties out there: This venue has multiple levels that allow everyone to get the perfect view of the performers. Expect to hear a combination of amazing touring bands and up and coming artists who will most likely be famous one day. The Live Music Bar is open until 2am so needless to say you'll be dancing all night and be screaming for an encore after the last song. But once 2am hits, race out of the venue and go straight to your late night destination because this one is epic.
Late Night Food:
East Side King: Traveling to Austin without stopping at ESK should be a crime. Having trouble finding this magical food truck? Easy. Just follow the drunk millennials pouring out of the bars nearby. If you order the Beet Fries, the Fried Brussel Sprout Salad and a Moto Dog, you'll pass out with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and be ready to call it a night.

As you're basking in your food glory, I hope that you leave Austin feeling like you conquered another awesome city.

Let us know if you end up visiting (or have visited) these places and how you liked them!

Look out for us next week in our next BurgaBox "24 Hours in the City" and conquer another city, one day at a time.

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