Guess what's in the September BurgaBox

It’s funny how when people come up with new ideas, they usually underestimate the amount of work that goes into executing those ideas.  BurgaBox is a perfect example.  I remember the day I said to myself, “How hard can it be to put our burgers in a box?” I figured we had been pretty good at coming up with new burger ideas at the Boston Burger Company.  Now we just have to come up with new burgers, but instead of cooking them in the restaurant, we put all of the ingredients in a box. Sounds easy right?

It sounds a lot easier than it is.  In the last couple weeks a bunch of people signed up for the monthly BurgaBox subscription.  A lot more than I expected.  But I guess that makes sense since we really are the world’s first awesome meal delivery kit.  This means our first monthly box has to be awesome.  First impressions mean a lot right.  We bounced a bunch of ideas off each other and once again, we came up with some crazy, but delicious things.  Here we go:

Burger- The Notorious P.I.G.

Fries- Bacon Chowda Fries

Mac & Cheese- Steak Bomb mac & cheese.

We spent all of this Saturday in the kitchen cooking, tasting and taking pictures.  I am honestly nervous that this box is so good, we may have set the bar too high for future BurgaBoxes.  What am I saying?  We’re good.  We’ll come up more more kick ass boxes every month.  

We wanted to let Boston Burger Company’s fans know what we have going on, so we sent out an email and put a couple posts on Facebook and Instagram.  People went nuts!  They loved it.  In fact, they loved it so much they crashed the site. But that’s ok.  We fixed it.  BurgaBoxes are available and you can order one on our website.  We also gave $30 off your first BurgaBox with a discount code.

We’re excited about this.  When people get these boxes they are going to go nuts. It’s worth all of the work involved. We’re pumped about giving people an awesome meal delivery kit option..