Going to the Super Bowl LI? Do Not Miss These Houston Restaurants & Bars.

Traveling isn't easy when you're visiting a new city and have a palate created by BurgaBox. Everyone is screaming "pick me" on Instagram and Yelp but it can be hard to tell which places are actually worth the stop. That's where we come in. Our weekly post, "24 Hours in the City" will help you filter out the phonies and conquer each city with a full stomach and a slight buzz. Because that's the only way we know how to travel. 

So you're one of the lucky ones attending Super Bowl LI this year, huh? Well, whether your a diehard Patriots fan (#TB12) or a part of Atlanta Falcons crew, you all can bond over the fact that you both need to eat...and are arguably obligated to drink. While in you're in Houston for one of the biggest American holidays, don't skimp on anything. Because it's okay to get bigger in Texas. (That's the saying, right?)


Revival Market: Half butcher shop, half cafe, Revival Market will give you everything you want for breakfast: Meat, eggs, coffee and a morning treat. Regulars rave about Hot Chicken Honey Butter Biscuit and the Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy. And the hipsters will swear by the Avocado Toast and the Steel Cut Oatmeal. The overall consensus is that the Revival Market has something for everyone and that you will be ingesting only the highest quality ingredients. FYI, if you are there for lunch apparently the Duck Stew is to die for.

Down House: AKA comfort food galore. At Down House, order the classics. Sip on an XL Blood Mary so you can get a chicken wing on top. For your main entree, the Shrimp & Grits should always be the #1 item on your mind. Next, demand that your friend/partner/wife/husband get the Chicken & Waffles that are oh so perfectly prepared and take as many bites as you can. And for good measure, take on a side of the biscuits and jam. 


Killen's Barbecuebecause you should never leave Texas without a lot of BBQ sitting in your stomach. Due it's popularity, you will wait in a line but in the end you will have bigger regrets if you don't wait in it. Killen's has it all: Barbacue, Burgers, Steak and a ton of amazing sides to supplement your meal. And be sure to save some room for a little dessert. The bread pudding is nothing to joke about and I am not laughing when I say do not let anyone take a bite. When at Killen's, it's every (wo)man for him/herself. 

Good Dog: with locations in Montrose or Houston Heights you can eat your weight in dogs all over Houston. I wont tell you how to eat your dog but I will rave about the miraculous bread that holds all the toppings in place. If you can't decide between this stacked menu I recommend trying the Zappata Dog, the New Yorker or the Picnic Dog. 

Midday Drinking: a BurgaBox guide would not be complete without some local drinking. Start at Eureka Heights Brew Company where you can play Jenga, corn-hole and enjoy the great outdoors on a beautiful day. And I was told to try the Moo Client Milk Stout which is apparently similar to a Mexican Hot Chocolate. Next, drive (or preferably take an uber) 15 minutes to Platypus Brewing. There is ample parking (again don't drink and drive kids) and endless opportunities to sample some Aussie Fare and maybe even catch a footie match.


State of Grace: If a restaurant serves me free bread, chances are I am already half way to falling in love with it. But this bread isn't just the generic dinner roll: It is a fluffy pretzel roll lathered in butter and salt. Following the bread, I suggest that you order hush puppies because they pretty much taste like a beignet and a crab cake had a baby and then that baby grew up and had another baby with a hushpuppy. They are amazing. For your main dish split the Beef Rib and on your way out make sure to grab your complimentary cookie!

State Fare: If you're looking for something more casual and a place that will serve you heaping portions of food, this is your place. The highlights of this menu are simple but insanely good and will certainly fulfill your comfort food cravings before the big game. The Tangy Pimento Cheese is a great place to start and the Smokey Chicken Wings aren't a bad idea either. For your main course, stick to Southern basics and order up some Fried Chicken and the Mac Daddy (Mac & Cheese topped with short rib). And if you're really craving a burger, the Chili Cheeseburger will be your best bet. By then, you probably will have run out of steam and might even have some leftovers for late night snacking!

Get ready for a Night Out!

After your food coma has settled in, it's time to work on that buzz that will help get you through the rest of your night. The Hay Merchant will provide you with a beautiful beer coat created with only the finest craft beer. This place is stacked with over 75 beers on tap and great bar food (PB&J wings) that will help set the perfect mood for your next destination. In just 15 minutes, you will step into Lei Low and you'll immediately feel like you've just entered a tropical paradise. And you probably won't want to leave. At Lei Low, the Mai Tais flow like water and the drinks are decorated in only the best tropical props. Order the Surf Rider and the Jump the Shark and that might honestly carry your buzz through the rest of the night (these babies are strong). 

Already have the munchies? 

Hop in an Uber and take a 5 minute drive to BB's Cafe. This is your chance to celebrate your last few hours before the Super Bowl eating cajun food with a Texan twist. The Po'Boy's are award winning and will seriously complete your weekend regardless of the final Super Bowl score. From shrimp to oysters or beef to chicken you can get these things stuffed with just about everything!

And there you have it. Whether your team wins or loses this weekend just know that you conquered another city to it's fullest and will leave with a full stomach and possibly a slight hangover.

Let us know if you end up visiting (or have visited) these places and how you liked them!

Look out for us next week in our next BurgaBox "24 Hours in the City" and conquer another city, one day at a time.

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