First Timer Tips for Using Your New Big Green Egg

Whether you're a grill master or not, chances are you've heard your meat obsessed friend raving about his Big Green Egg or how badly he wants one. Since we're planning a little something, something (maybe a chance to win one for yourself?!), we figured we'd to introduce this gift from the grilling gods and teach you the basics.

Not everyone's first time is perfect but we're taking advice straight from Big Green Egg  to make sure yours goes nothing but smoothly. Here are the basic tips to running your BGE:

  • DO NOT cook at high temperatures on your first use
    • This may damage the gasket before the adhesives can cure. Keep the temperature on your first few cooks under 350°F / 177°C to allow the gasket adhesive to fully cure and adhere to the EGG. If you do happen to damage the gasket, you can easily replace it with a self-adhesive high temperature replacement gasket available from any BGE dealer.
    • A Big Green Egg is designed to remain closed while cooking, using the patented air control devices to regulate temperature. Leaving the dome open will accelerate the flame and temperature to levels that are counterproductive to cooking properly – and can be dangerous if left unattended. When checking or removing food, you will prevent heat loss by minimizing the time you have the dome opened.
  • IMPORTANT: do not leave the dome open or leave the vent cap off the dome when your EGG is not in use
    • It is important to keep rain and moisture out of your EGG.
  • Big Green Egg All Natural Charcoal is the secret of chefs worldwide
    • Use Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal and follow the lighting instructions to achieve best lighting results. Our charcoal lights fast and burns hot – and your food will taste better too!
  • NEVER use lighter fluid – an EGG lights DIFFERENTLY than other grills
    • Lighter fluids will be absorbed into the ceramics, permanently contaminating your EGG with petrochemicals and tainting the flavour of your food. Instead, use Big Green Egg All Natural SpeediLight Charcoal Starters or an EGGniter or Electric Charcoal Starter, all of which are odor-free and will be the fastest method of reaching a cooking temperature without any exposure to chemical fumes. 
  • Keep your charcoal DRY
    • Although damp charcoal will burn, it is often more difficult to light. You can utilize the charcoal remaining in the firebox from your last cook, but these coals may have absorbed moisture, particularly if it has been rainy or humid. To remedy this, simply mix in 50% more dry charcoal to ensure fast lighting. Try to keep your spare charcoal in a dry environment or in a bin with a lid so it won’t absorb humidity or moisture.
  • Keep your EGG interior DRY
    • DO NOT allow rain or water to get inside your EGG when not in use. EGGs perform just fine in the rain, or snow, but do not allow water to get inside the EGG when it is not being used as it can penetrate into the ceramic and cause cracking if allowed to freeze. Never use water to clean the inside of an EGG.
  • Always use our Natural Lump Charcoal
    • Your EGG is designed to cook efficiently for long periods of time at a wide range of temperatures. This can only be achieved using the optimum fuel, and that’s why we take great care to specify that only premium select All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal is packaged in the Big Green Egg bag. Many generic brands and charcoal briquettes are made with wood by-products, chemical fillers, petroleum products and other undesirable materials – and as a result they don’t work as well or they generate huge amounts of ash, which can clog or block the airflow within the firebox of the EGG – to say nothing of the taste of your food! Using our premium charcoal will reward you in many ways – it is the secret ingredient of top chefs around the world!
Want more tips? Get Big Green Egg's full do's and don'ts list!

Enjoy! Let's eat! 

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