Easy Breezy- Fun & Boozy Cocktail for Summer Hosting


Summer hosting is easy when you let the booze do the talkin'. Cool down with the sweet and fizzy cocktail that will one up the same old Vodka Soda with it's fun presentation and even better taste!

Bar Equipment:

  • 1 Large Glass/Bowl
  • 3-4 Straws for sharing
  • Mixing Spoon

Mix to Together:

  • 1 cup of ice
  • 2 fl oz. of unflavored Absolut
  • 2 fl oz. of Blue Curacao
  • 10 fl oz of Lemonade
  • 1 Bottle of Prosecco

GARNISH with 2 Blue Gummy Sharks

Drink up and enjoy!

If you have an allergy, please inform us at info@burgabox.com and specify in your BurgaBox order. We have a variety of options for all different types of allergies and food intolerances and we're happy to discuss which ones will be best suited for you!


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