BurgaBox Launches an Irish Breakfast Better than a Pot of Gold

Each month, BurgaBox of the Month Club sends subscribers never-before-seen recipes to burgers, fries and mac & cheese. Every box is specially curated and designed by Chef Paul Malvone, the mastermind behind all the over-the-top products that are sent to kitchens all around the U.S. In October, subscribers received an Oktoberfeast that brought millions of tastebuds to Germany and back without spending money on crazy airfare fees. In December, Chef Malvone loaded the burger with his homemade pastrami and the mac & cheese with his Nonna's special meatballs. This subscription service is the real deal.

BurgaBox just launched its March Box, a St. Patrick's Day feast that will make you feel like you found the end of the rainbow and scored the whole pot of gold. 



The box includes all of the Irish classics: Homemade Corn Beef, Jolly Posh Bangers, Irish Bacon and we made sure to put it all on top of our burgers, fries and mac & cheese.

  • Irish Breakfast Burger: Fried egg (cook to your liking), Jolly Posh Irish Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Garlic Parmesan Mushrooms, Irish Cheddar Cheese, Garlic Aioli.
  • Black & Tan Fries: Corned Beef, Guinness & Harpoon Gravy, Cheddar Cheese, Horseradish Aioli on top of Wedge French Fries.
  • Bangers & Mac: Irish Bangers, Jameson Irish Whiskey Braised Onions on top of Homemade Mac & Cheese.

The March Box will be available for purchase through March 10th. And it will arrive at your door just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Get yours today!

If you have an allergy, please inform us at info@burgabox.com and specify in your BurgaBox order. We have a variety of options for all different types of allergies and food intolerances and we're happy to discuss which ones will be best suited for you!


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