Travel Guide to Food & Drink in Burlington, Vermont

Travel food & drink Guide Burlington, Vermont

Traveling isn't easy when you're visiting a new city and have a palate created by BurgaBox. Everyone is screaming "pick me" on Instagram and Yelp but it can be hard to tell which places are actually worth the stop. That's where we come in. Our weekly post, "24 Hours in the City" will help you filter out the phonies and conquer each city with a full stomach and a slight buzz. Because that's the only way we know how to travel. 

While New England is starting to change colors for the fall season, our thoughts quickly go to the Green Mountains. If you're looking to get up north for apple picking, maple syrup tapping and to show off your newest blanket scarf, Burlington, Vermont is this year's fall hot spot. Skip the hiking and go straight for these restaurants for an all out foodie, fall-fest. 


Skinny Pancake: Don't let the name fool you. This place doesn't really serve pancakes and doesn't only cater to people trying to be skinny. The name is referring to it's extensive menu of savory and sweet crepes (aka a skinny pancake). I usually can't choose between a sweet or savory crepe, so I just opt for both. Deja Vu (local sausage, Cabot cheddar and apples with Vermont maple syrup) will bring you right into the Burlington spirit and the Love Maker (Nutella, strawberries, and whipped cream) always satisfies my sweet tooth!

Travel food & drink Guide Burlington, Vermont

The Spot: If you are trying to escape the harsh New England weather my first advice is to leave the Northeast and head south, forever. But if that is not in your near future, The Spot is your next best option. The Spot is covered in surf boards, palm trees and tropical fish that will set the scene for a tropical brunch. The menu contains a large variety of breakfast classics with many healthy options from other local businesses. 


Red Onion Cafe: If you ask any UVM student or Burlington local for the best lunch place downtown, Red Onion Cafe will be at the top. Order the signature Red Onion Sandwich ( hot sandwich with turkey, bacon, apples, red onions, smoked gruyere cheese with sundried tomato mayo) because it could potenially rank as one the best sandwiches you've ever had in your life. 

Blue Bird Barbecue:  Visiting Burlington on a Sunday? Check out Blue Bird Barbecue for it's lunchtime hours and feast on some amazing smoked meats. Start with the Pulled Pork Poutine and then devour the brisket and ribs. And don't forget to use the house-made sauces from different regions of BBQ cooking. And here's a tip: Check in on Yelp and get a choice between free Corn Bread with Maple Butter or a Pot of Pickles. I suggest you go for the bread because the butter is to die for and carbs should always be number one in your heart.  

Midday Drinking: 

A BurgaBox guide always calls for local drinking and luckily, Burlington is full of awesome brewing companies within steps of each other. Start at Switchback Brewing and get a flight of your favorite beers and if you're still hungry, snack on a hot dog. Next, head over to Citizen Cider, and sip on a Dirty Mayor, a ginger cider. Next, take your buzz to Zero Gravity and enjoy the large selection of rotating and classic beers. You can never go wrong with the Green State or the Dunkel.  

Travel food & drink Guide Burlington, Vermont


A Single Pebble: A Single Pebble isn't your average greasy, Americanized Chinese food restaurant. This place is a classy establishment and has traditional Chinese food that you would actually find in China. The Pork Buns, Daikon Cake, rice balls and shrimp dumplings are a great place to start.  I'll leave it to you to choose between this amazing menu and embark on a silk road journey in your mouth.

Travel food & drink Guide Burlington, Vermont

Leunig's Bistro & Cafe- Leunig's is a charming French eatery in downtown Burlington. When in the presence of French cuisine, order everything and anything with duck on it. That means you have to eat the Duck Confit Poutine, Duck Pate and the Duck Sliders. A French meal is never complete with out some bread and cheese and they have plenty of that. For your entree, order the Roasted Poulet Rouge Airline Breast (Pan Roasted French Heritage Chicken Wrapped with Bayonne French Cured Ham, Parsnip & Sage Gnocchi Sauteed with Carrots, Beets, Brussels Sprouts, Kale, Radicchio & Cauliflower with Mornay Sauce). That should keep you stuffed until your late night munchies kick in.

Night on the Town:

After dinner, it's time start your night out at Ake's Place. Get a partner and sign up on the chalkboard to duel in a game of darts or a free game of pool. Choose from your Ake's great beer selection and drink up until you're feeling dancey. Once your buzz is revived, Red Square should be the place where you can get your groove on. Red Square has three sound systems: One with a live band, a hip hop DJ and another for house music. Pick one and commit to burning off a few of those pounds you certainly packed on during the day. And then be prepared to intake those calories right away with some late night eating.

Late Night Eating:

Kountry Kart Deli- You may not be aware, but Burlington has an amazing late night scene. Many of the bars and restaurants are open later than most major cities (Boston has to step it's game up). Kountry Kart Deli, aka KKD is to date, one of my favorite late night indulgences. There is something about breakfast sandwiches after a whole night of drinking that gets me all excited. You can pick from a plethora of meats like steak, Taylor Ham (shoutout to New Jersey), sausage, bacon, etc. And make sure to get a side of fries.

Travel food & drink Guide Burlington, Vermont

At the peak of your final food coma, I hope that you finish your breakfast sandwich feeling satisfied and with the feeling that you conquered another U.S. city.

Let us know if you end up visiting (or have visited) these places and how you liked them!

Not gonna make it to Burlington this fall season? We'll bring your favorite Vermont flavors to YOU, directly to your doorstep. Order for next week's fall activities!

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