Burga Bucket List| Here's How to Stop Getting Yelled at for Eating Raw Cookie Dough

Warning: BurgaBox may cause other meals to taste bland, boring and as a result cause irritability. If you are suffering from symptoms such as depression after eating BurgaBox, please contact us at BurgaBox.com and we can ship happiness right to your doorstep.

"But what if I'm traveling and can't get my BurgaBox fix?" Easy. Say hello to #BurgaBucketList, our weekly post that will highlight must-try, over-the-top food from all over the U.S. Why? Because ridiculous food is hard to come by and we never want you to settle for an average meal ever again.

You thought the rolled ice cream fad was cool? Well, clearly you haven't caught onto the trend of eating scoopfuls of cookie dough on a sugar cone. And it doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon.
DŌ, a new resident of Greenwich Village, is everything you ever wanted as a nine year old: a portable, easy way to eat cookie dough without your mom yelling about Salmonella. 
We love the classics, (Gimmee S'more, Cake Batter, Chocolate Chip) but we have our eye on the Valentine's day Red Velvet batter.
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Catch up with us next week! Same place, same time. And check another box off your #BurgaBucketList. 
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