5 Reasons Why Foodies Are Flocking To BurgaBox

If you have an Instagram account you know that #burgers are the hot thing right now.  Something called #burgerporn is taking over the internet.  People are creating social media account devoted to ridiculous burgers and actually making money.  Yet there is one place where all real burger lovers seem to end up -- BurgaBox...

[Here's an actual Instagram post from a user]

1. No more boring dinners

"There's nothing worse than a lifeless dinner. The day that the BurgaBox arrives is like Christmas for us. It gives us something to look forward to all week and really kicks our lives up a notch!"

2. This is an actual customer photo

#BurgerPorn has been sweeping the internet and as far as we know BurgaBox is the only company on Earth that sends Instagram worthy burger kits to your kitchen.

3. They send a sh*t-ton of food

Not only does each kit come with ridiculous burger kits but they send outrageous amounts of mac n cheese, wedge fries, baked beans, and homemade slaw. It not only feeds the family but the leftovers rival Thanksgiving.

4. It takes less time than a boring dinner

Most meal kits send you raw ingredients and a recipe. BurgaBox sends an over the top meal that is already conceptualized, created, and ready for you to throw it in the oven.

5. It's more affordable than you think

While most meal kit companies charge around $120 per week, BurgaBox has exciting meal kits that you can have for around $45.  Get it now before prices go up!

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If you have an allergy, please inform us at info@burgabox.com and specify in your BurgaBox order. We have a variety of options for all different types of allergies and food intolerances and we're happy to discuss which ones will be best suited for you!


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