24 Hours in the City| Guide to Eating & Drinking in Charleston

Traveling aint easy when you're visiting a new city and have a palate created by BurgaBox. Everyone is screaming "pick me" on Instagram and Yelp but it can be hard to tell which places are actually worth the stop. That's where we come in. Our weekly post, "24 Hours in the City" will help you filter out the phonies and conquer each city with a full stomach and a slight buzz. Because that's the only way we know how to travel. 

This week, we are featuring another southern city, Charleston, South Carolina because who isn't obsessed with comfort food and warm weather? Keep in mind we are reporting from Boston where it is already cold AF.

Let's break it down.

Where to stay:

King Street is the place to be when your priorities are eating and drinking in Charleston. If you can get an Airbnb or hotel near downtown, this is your best option. Keep in mind that King street is long and is divided into a few parts. All you need to know is Upper King Street is where most bars and food are located...so don't venture off too far.

Breakfast: The theme of Charleston breakfast is get a head start.  If you hate waiting in lines, wake up early and get your meal in. 

WildFlour Pastry: Owned by Lauren Mitterer, a well known BakerBoss, WildFlour has amazing pastries and a large selection of coffee and tea that will start your vacation right. We first indulged in the doughnut muffins and then got the inside scoop about their exclusive Cinnamon Roll Sundays. WildFlour only serves it's decadent, glaze smothered rolls once a week and WOW are they worth it. You'll see locals lining out the door for these babies and we were luckily right behind them.

Callie's Little Hot Biscuit: Whether you're craving biscuits and gravy, a B.E.C. or something sweet, Callie's has all of the above. And don't wait too long, the restaurant often runs out of biscuits by the afternoon...so don't say we didn't warn you.Lunch: Alright, you have a big decision to make...We're giving you three amazing options.

Butcher & Bee: If you're looking for a farm to table, classy (but trendy) establishment, this is your lunch spot. The menu is full of delicious mezzes (the whipped feta dip is a must) and hearty sandwiches. We always say that you can never go wrong with fried chicken or a burga. But Butcher and Bee has plenty other options to chose from. 

Lewis Barbecue: If you're traveling all the way to Charleston, do not leave without getting some barbecue...especially Lewis'. First, the corn pudding is the most amazing thing on the menu. It almost mimics mac & cheese and we love every second of it. For meat, we recommend the brisket, the "hot guts" (Texas sausage) and the short rib. Add a little potato salad and you'll be full for days (or at least until dinner).

Boxcar Bettys: This restaurant is a little out of the way but should not be forgotten. I honestly cannot pick a favorite sandwich because they all are SO good. The only meat on the menu is fried chicken (again, fried chicken is always a win) but you will not be missing beef while biting into one of their sandwiches. We ordered the Boxcar which consisted of Pimiento Cheese, Peach Slaw, House Pickles, Spicy Mayo and we were beyond satisfied.

Now that you're all fueled up...its drinking time!

Pre Dinner Drinks: Charleston has a great selection of rooftop bars and restaurants that will tailor to all drinking tastes. If you're looking for a casual scene, try some of their breweries. Lagunitas, Palmetto Brewing Co. and Holy City Brewing are all located close by downtown Charleston and a solid drinking choice. 

Darling Oyster Bar, located right on King Street is a great place for a fine crafted cocktail and some pre-dinner oysters.

Vendue Rooftop is the perfect spot for some water and cities views on a warm afternoon. Vendue has a wide range of specialty cocktails and local craft beers (just in case you didnt make it to the breweries). It is also in close vicinity to the Waterfront Park with the famous pineapple fountain.

Dinner: Maybe your stuffed or a little buzzed, but you must pull through for dinner in the south.

Hominy Grill: If you search for southern food, this restaurant will surely come up at the top. As a Bostonian, I was extremely confused about the boiled peanuts that we were presented in the beginning of the meal. But despite the odd texture, we were pleasantly surprised at how deliciously salty they were. Next, we tried their famous She Crab Soup which is basically a crab bisque...again it was fantastic. We recommend choosing between these three dishes: The Charleston Nasty Biscuit (fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese and sausage gravy), the Shrimp and Grits or the Rib & Chicken Combo Platter with hushpuppies & two vegetables. 

Husk: Make reservations early kids, Husk is in high demand and has been featured on big name media such as Elle Magazine, The Daily Meal and Thrillist. Husk sources everything locally in order to capture true southern food, with real southern ingredients. Their menu changes daily so find out what are they cooking up for "supper" tonight.  

Tattooed Moose: If you're looking to eat like BBC, this might be your best option. The Tattooed Moose has over the top french fries such as Duck Fat Fries and crazy Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches. If you're over thanksgiving already, the Duck Club is also a fan favorite. 

It's Time to Go Out: Are you getting tired? Too bad. You're on vacation and you deserve a good night on the town. After dinner, we are assuming that you're juiced up enough to get dancey and continue the party. So let's do it.

Start out at Stars Restaurant which has one of the best rooftop bars in all of Charleston and a great 360 degree view. The College of Charleston is nearby, so except to see a line of college kids itching to get up top and maybe a few bachelorette parties. Our recommendation is to make a reservation on Open Table for drinks and dessert and from there you will get quick access to the rooftop. Your next stop should be Prohibition. Prohibition has a great night life scene with live music six nights a week or a DJ running the dance floor. Between the staff uniforms and drink menu, you will truly feel like you're thriving in the roaring 20's.

Not a dancer? Enjoy some bowling at The Alley on Columbus Street where the motto is eat, drink and bowl. Do I have to explain more? We still need to discussed your late night spot.

Late Night Munchies

The Gin Joint: The Gin Joint will be open to serve you late night snacks until 2 am. You can look forward to some hefty soft pretzels and beefy jerky to sober you up (or allow you to keep the party going). The bartender will also craft cocktails based on two adjectives you give him/her. And I'm sure it gets really interesting past 1am. 

And there you have it, a Charleston trip done right. Let us know if you end up visiting (or have visited) these places and how you liked them!

Look out for us next week in our next "24 Hours in the City" and conquer another city, one day at a time!

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