24 Hours in the City| Guide to Eating and Drinking in Williamsburg

Traveling isn't easy when you're visiting a new city and have a palate created by BurgaBox. Everyone is screaming "pick me" on Instagram and Yelp but it can be hard to tell which places are actually worth the stop. That's where we come in. Our weekly post, "24 Hours in the City" will help you filter out the phonies and conquer each city with a full stomach and a slight buzz. Because that's the only way we know how to travel. 

Let's face it, New York City's food and drink scene cannot and should not be done in a day. That's why this week, we are taking it out to Brooklyn and featuring one of it's hippest neighborhoods, Williamsburg.

If you're the "I can't function without coffee" type of person, we have your place. Along with having great coffee, Toby's Estate might be the most ascetically pleasing coffee shop you'll set your eyes on. The high ceiling windows and shelved walls exude a ridiculous amount of happy vibes, making it a perfect place to send a few emails and sip on a cup of joe.  

Breakfast: Bagel or brunch? 

Bagelsmith: A New York City trip can seem empty without consuming a bagel and cream cheese. But lucky for you, Bagelsmith gives you endless hours to do that before you leave. Twenty-four to be exact. And there is no credit card limit. Can you say breakfast for dinner? And lunch, late night...They even have vegan cream cheese and wheat everything bagels if you're into stuff like that. 

Juliette: A.k.a. the French brunch place that feels like you're living in the picturesque era in Paris. Every time I visit Juliette, I struggle to choose between the Roasted Banana Stuffed French Toast and the Dutch Pancake (lemon zest, blueberries and crème fraîche). But in the end, you can't go wrong with either. I also make sure to order a side of the hash bombs. It's an amazing fried ball of potato stuffed with cheesy goodness. 



Pies 'n' Thighs: After a few hours in the City, you might be seeking some comfort. And let me tell you, Pies 'n' Thighs has a Fried Chicken Box that will give you all of that and more. This baby is loaded with three pieces of fried chicken, a buttermilk biscuit with unforgettable honey butter & a side. I recommend choosing between hushpuppies, burnt end baked beans or the mac & cheese for the ultimate southern comfort experience. Finish your meal off with the Banana Cream Pie which features a salted butter crust and you'll successfully hit all the salty and sweet cravings for this meal. 



12 Chairs Cafe: One word: Shakshuka. Be prepared to try this dish, and possibly never be satisfied with another version again. 12 Chairs Cafe is also known to have pretty amazing hummus falafel and lamb kebabs. Order them all and have yourself a little Middle Eastern feast! You'll need it to fuel up for some midday drinking.

Afternoon Drinks:

You're two meals (and hopefully a couple drinks) in and you're ready for a beer. Your first stop, anytime you are in Brooklyn, should be Radegast. The classic biergarten decor, extra large beers and awesome German live music make this an essential stop to liven up your crew. Feel free to dance, sit or socialize because anything is possible at Radegast. Next, head over to The Whiskey Brooklyn where you can drink Tecate out of cans and buy cigarettes from a vending machine. What can scream "Brooklyn" more than that? 
Rye: First, I must inform you of the five dollar burgers and Old Fashioneds during happy hour. If you hit this spot after 7pm or on the weekends, I strongly suggest you start with the Brussel sprouts, split some bacon mac & cheese and go all out on the Duck Breast and mashed potatoes. 
Fette Sau: For all the meat lovers out there, grab dinner at the best BBQ spot in Williamsburg. When it comes to alcohol, you probably won't find Bud Light or a Corona and lime at this restaurant. Enjoy a variety of craft beers and whiskey before you dig into some meat.  The highlights of the menu are the brisket, pulled pork and ribs. Complete your meal with some pork beans and pickles and gear up for a late night out.
Go Out on the Town:
After your food coma sets in, it's time to slowly move into the buzz you worked so hard for in the afternoon. Grab a seat at St. Mazie and enjoy some live jazz in a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Once you've powered through your drowsiness head over to Freehold and check your coat at the door (for free). In both the warm and cold months, enjoy the outdoor patio for a beer or spiked hot apple cider. Get ready to dance to a mix of the latest hits and some oldies but goodies and take a picture with your friends in the on-site photo booth. And when those munchies kick in...I have the place for you...
Late Night Eating:
Like bagels, pizza is a must when visiting NYC. And Joe's Pizza in North Williamsburg should be your go to option. Honestly, I cannot pick my favorite flavor so maybe just order them all. 


When you wake up with stomach ache and reach for that aspirin, we hope that you carbo-loaded to Williamburg's fullest potential.

Let us know if you end up visiting (or have visited) these places and how you liked them!

Look out for us next week in our next "24 Hours in the City" and conquer another city, one day at a time.

If you have an allergy, please inform us at info@burgabox.com and specify in your BurgaBox order. We have a variety of options for all different types of allergies and food intolerances and we're happy to discuss which ones will be best suited for you!


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