How it Works

  • You Shop
    The most ridiculous burgas, mac-n-cheese, and fries.
  • We Ship
    We ship all ingredients in an insulated cooler.
  • It Arrives
    Unbox all ingredients, prepare, and eat like a boss
  • #FoodComa
    Wow. You just had the most unforgettable meal.



"It's Like Having Super Bowl Tickets"

What's it like to get a BurgaBox? One of our customers compared it to getting super bowl tickets sent to him each month.

"Everyone in my family is asking me about it, my friends want me to invite them, and when I show people the pictures they are in awe. It's quite an experience"

Ever see one of those ridiculous burgers on Instagram and wonder what it would be like to try it? Well, this is your chance. We'll send you all ingredients and simple instructions so you can cook it at home, in about 30 minutes. Really.

Each month celebrity chef Paul Malvone creates a themed meal for our burga of the month club. Everything is conceptualized, taste tested, cooked, prepped, and packed up to be delivered to your door. Just throw it in the oven and you'll have the best meal of your life, we guarantee it!

What comes in each month's box?

-2ea 8oz burgers & all ingredients and toppings
-16oz tray of ridiculous mac n' cheese
-16oz iteration of our delicious wedge fries
-8oz homemade cole slaw
-8oz of our famous Boston baked beans

Show Me This Month's BurgaBox

[warning: what your about to see may cause serious hunger]

Have Questions ?

Isn't it expensive?

Our monthly box is $59 for 2-4 people. You get one of the best meals in the universe without leaving the house, driving, parking, waiting, or leaving a tip! You can't beat the price, actually.

Can't I get this at a restaurant?

These burgers are some of the most photographed on Instagram. Unless you're in Manhattan, Boston, or Sydney, you won't find anything that remotely compares.

Will I be able to make it at home?

Yes. Celebrity Chef Paul Malvone creates all ingredients from scratch and sends everything in insulated coolers with simple instructions. Our friends 84 year old grandparents made their entire meal in 28 minutes.

What's it like to get a BurgaBox?

Just imagine getting front row Super Bowl tickets. All your friends are jealous, your entire family wants to join, and your Instagram page is on fire. It's sort of like that.

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